founded in 1989, which

grown, too Turkey`s most valuable quarries removed, marble, granite, natural stone and natural composite stone which ÇimStone materials to process and best quality state with its customers to provide service has adopted and décor that has become indispensable for modern buildings and preferred increasing day by day which is a natural material with granite flooring and wall covering installation works are established to serve.   Our company also

, Spain, India, China, Brazil and so on. to imports from countries in granite, and the other manufacturers and construction companies that operate wholesale direct from the warehouse.

Practice Areas

  • Provincial Building, hotels, business centers, plazas, baths
  • flooring, stairs, fireplace, sinks, columns,
  • bathrooms, kitchens and worktops hilton
  • anchorage facade coatings, swimming pool coatings, elevator floors
  • manufacturing, medallions and grave designs,
  • ** equipped with the latest technology with our machines marble and granite cutting, beveling, polishing, sanding outsource manufacturing.

Machine Track Provincial

  • Computer-controlled Bridge Cutting Machine,
  • Edge Chamfering Machine, AUTOMATIC
  • Plate Polishing Machine,
  • Classic Side Cutting Machine, Marble Granite
  • Blasting Machine,
  • CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine